HomesecurityLast minute purchases? Beware of hackers

Last minute purchases? Beware of hackers

Given the circumstances, many consumers will make their last minute Christmas shopping. However, they should not forget that they are not the only ones who get into the various sites, as hackers monitor and exploit vulnerabilities in their security.


According to Tampa Bay security experts in cyberspace, there are some steps that can be followed by users, to be safe.

Basic steps

Update it software of your device's operating system to the latest version so that you do not fall victim to any known software issues that one might take advantage of.

Next, update your browser to avoid the same kind of issues.

When you switch to one site to make a market, make sure the site address starts with “https", Which indicates that your connection to the site is secure, so that hackers who spy on your site traffic can not see information such as passwords or payment card information that you send.

Once you are ready to make your purchases, experts recommend using a credit card. If a criminal discovers your credit card details, your money is usually not immediately available. But with debit card details, thieves could get money out of your account right away. And while the bank will probably refund the money, it can sometimes take 30 to 45 days to do so.

The closer the holidays are, the more likely you are to worry about a delayed shipment of your purchases. THE Joseph Pilliod, CEO of the cybersecurity compliance company GarrisonPro, said his company is seeing an increase in package delivery notifications.

A malicious agent will send a text or one e-mail, often impersonating a particular service, such as Amazon or the UPS. It will ask them to click on a link and log in to see what the update is. This link, however, is malicious and the attacker then steals the person's login information for a site like Amazon and tries to use it to steal financial information, such as a credit card number.

Once the holidays are over, you are still not completely safe from hackers. Beware of scams that try to get you to click on a link about a "return" you made after the holidays, especially those that say you have store credit or cash waiting for you.

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