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Windows Hello is used by 84% of Windows 10 users

Microsoft's Windows Hello system, PIN and hardware authentication system are slowly growing in popularity, according to a Microsoft report.

Windows Hello

For those who do not know, Windows Hello allows users to certify secure access to Appliances web accounts, web browsers, etc. with hardware supported by Windows Hello, such as FIDO keys, PIN or biometrics characteristicssuch as iris scanning support, fingerprint scanner and face recognition.

Windows Hello is essentially an alternative to Windows passwords and Microsoft says it is a more user-friendly, secure, and trustworthy way than traditional password-enabled connections.

According to a new report from Microsoft, the number of consumers using Windows Hello to log in to Windows 10 instead of a password increased to 84,7% from 69,4% in 2019.

After posting this article, readers pointed out that the growing use of Windows Hello is most likely due to Microsoft forcing the use of PINs during creation a new user in Windows 10.

Apart from consumers, Windows Hello seems to is used a lot in the market of operational.

Microsoft claims that use Passwordless Azure Active Directory has grown by more than 50 percent as most users have switched to passwordless login options, such as Microsoft Authenticator and FIDO2 security keys.

The development is the result of improvements made to Windows Hello with almost every major information the capabilities of Windows 10, which encouraged more and more users to reject traditional passwords.

Windows Hello's market share is expected to grow even more next year, thanks to the new ones possibilities που were added this year.

Source of information: bleepingcomputer.com

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