HomesecurityLedger: users threaten to sue after breach

Ledger: users threaten to sue after breach

Ο hacker that violated the wallet provider's marketing database, Ledger earlier this year, revealed the personal data of thousands of users, which led many of them to threaten the company with treatment.


According to one tweet by Alon Gal, the network security company Hudson Rock, the hacker allegedly hiding behind her infringement Ledger 's personal data in June, made all the information he stole available at Internet. According to reports, the leaked data includes 1.075.382 email addresses from users who have subscribed to the Ledger newsletter and 272.853 orders of wallet material with information, including addresses e-mail, physical addresses and telephone numbers.

“This leakage "It poses a great risk to the people affected by it," Gal said. "People who bought a Ledger tend to have a high net worth of cryptocurrencies and will now be subject to both cyber and personal harassment on a larger scale than in the past."

In response to Twitter, Ledger said the "first signs" seemed to confirm that the information leaked came from a June data breach that compromised the personal data of many of them. users of. Following news of the breach, many users of the company reported that they were being targeted through e-fishing efforts. Some said they received convincing emails asking them to download a new version of Ledger software.

"We are constantly working with law enforcement to keep hackers away and stop these scammers," Ledger said. "We removed more than 170 e-fishing sites after the initial breach."

After experiencing months of reporting for attacks phishing, many users seemed unhappy with Ledger's actions.

"If some lawyers want to start a lawsuit, I'm sure many of us will go ahead," said Twitter user Ryan Olah.

Although a person's badges are probably not at risk, users could potentially lose their money from such phishing scams that are sent to affected emails or phone numbers. Many reported that such attacks were trying to deceive them.

"This is a serious breach and I'm concerned that other people now have our addresses," said Twitter user Paul Smith. "What prevents them from knocking on our doors?" An apology, honestly, is not enough. "


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