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How to skip Netflix intros in Google Chrome

Netflix offers you the option to skip movie intros. But it does not work automatically, which means you have to select it for each episode. Fortunately, there are many Google Chrome extensions that can take care of the "Skip intro" button.

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Automatic omission of intros

Once installed, this free browser extension automatically clicks the "Skip intro" button as soon as it appears in web browser. All you have to do is visit the Google Chrome Web Store and get it download on your computer.

To do this, go to the "Auto Skip Intro" list and click the blue "Add to Chrome" button.


You do not need to activate it manually extension Starts operating as soon as installation. If a Netflix movie is playing on a tab, be sure to reload it for this extension to work.

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In addition, "Auto Skip Intro" omits the recaps of previous episodes that are often played at the beginning of a new one. This feature is also enabled by default.

The Auto Skip Intro does the job, but does not allow you to personalize no experience at all. For example, if there is a show for which you prefer to watch imports, your only option is to turn it off or delete the extension of automatic import skipping.

Netflix Extended

Netflix Extended is for those looking for more control. Like Auto Skip Intro, it eliminates the need to manually skip intros on Netflix. But along with that, it also comes equipped with more tools that allow you to customize many other components of the Netflix web player.

Once installed from the Chrome Web Store, Netflix Extended works automatically, skipping imports and summaries without you having to do anything.

Additionally, it adds a green dot to the Netflix player in Chrome. Position the pointer mouse on it and do click in the tiny gear icon for more features and settings.

In the "Assistant" tab, you can choose whether to skip previews and imports.

Google Chrome Netflix

In the same section, you will find a data censorship option and also, from the "Video" tab, you can adjust the playback speed.

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