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FlexClip 2.0: The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners

FlexClip 2.0: The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners By definition, images are attractive, easier to consume and remember than texts. The video is a format suitable for all audiences, perfectly valid to transmit information. Besides, the video has a critical viral component thanks to its power of attraction. It is not only easy to include on blogs and websites but also very susceptible to being shared on social networks and generating engagement.

As a result, becoming a videomaker's mission is to bring all people closer to the world of video. Today, FlexClip 2.0 offers a new solution to all marketing beginners marketing who want to create their business content. It is one of the best tools available for those who want to edit videos for their business from scratch.

FlexClip 2.0: The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners

"Our latest update on FlexClip is a major change in how users gets their videos done," commented Lin Xiao, CEO, and Founder of FlexClip. "If you have a video-making idea and need for marketing, education, YouTube, or entertainment, FlexClip makes it happen as frictionless as possible."

FlexClip 2.0 works from Browser and is excellent for those who are just learning how to edit videos. Pop-up windows explain how to edit videos and are useful for navigating in unknown territories. This is the kind of features and tutorials that are amazing for adapting quickly to FlexClip 2.0.

How FlexClip 2.0 Works

With FlexClip video maker, you can trim, compress, convert videos for social networks, and record with webcam, but it will focus on its part of creating and editing videos. To gradually understand how FlexClip 2.0 works, it is essential to write down some points. The first is that you need a formal registration if you want to download the final video.

After you press "Make a Free Video" and you will arrive on the page of templates that allow you to start with video templates already in place. You can also start without a template by clicking on "Start from Scratch".

It provides a series of templates in which each user can customize them to their own measure. We refer to the colors and the positions of the transitions that invite you to continue delving into the features that it offers for free or with a simple payment without much expense to the cards.

FlexClip 2.0: The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners
FlexClip 2.0: The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners

Finally, the export mode makes everything easier for you. Considering that you can send them to the device in any quality format (from 480p effect up to 1080p), there is no doubt in this case.

Among its features, we can highlight: the ease of use with its "drag and drop" support, video preview at all times, an intuitive storyboard to organize all your elements and their appearance, a well-organized interface, and it is free.

Key features of FlexClip 2.0

According to PearlMountain, the team at FlexClip redesigned the GUI from the ground up. Version 2.0 reveals a modern interactive interface in which video creation is quick, fast, and quickly mastered without any prior knowledge.

  • Neat user interface
  • Get access to millions of photos, videos and music for video production.
  • 1.000+ stickers to make your designs more fun
  • Change the speed of any video clip.
  • Adjust brightness, temperature, vignette, contrast and more
  • Choose from a dozen video filters
  • Save time uploading multiple videos at once with the bulk upload video feature
  • Copy and paste styles in a click of a button.
  • The undo and redo functions in case you make a mistake or change your mind
  • Built-in screen or webcam recorder.
  • Apply text animations, overlays and watermarks in a new way.
  • Support resizing a video to square (1:1), vertical (4:5), landscape (16:9), portrait (9:16), and widescreen (21:9)
  • Optimize video export speed and performance
  • Share videos directly to Dropbox or YouTube.
  • Some other functionality improvements etc.
FlexClip 2.0: The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners

The price of FlexClip 2.0

The free plan includes all the basic editing tools and exporting entire projects in 480p output resolution. Of course, it is limited for personal use so your video will add a FlexClip intro, and the video length cannot last more than 10 minutes

You will also be free to choose the basic, plus, business packs. Note that the business pack has 40% OFF thanks to the FlexClip Christmas Holiday 2020 offer, which already includes personalized branding, 1080 HD exports, free audio and unlimited video templates.

FlexClip 2.0: The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners
FlexClip 2.0: The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners

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Of course, there are other excellent online video editors, but the idea is to start with some that are quite simple and that you will find out how friendly it is to navigate in FlexClip 2.0 and easily make a video for your business, promo, wedding, YouTube channel, etc.