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Windows 10: How to password protect applications?

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Windows 10: How to password protect applications?

If you are using a computer that other users are using, you may want to keep some data privately. If you want to protect specific applications of Windows 10, you can do this using a password. In this process, one will help you third-party application.

One such application is My Lockbox, which provides a free and paid version.

However, there are some restrictions. Free software does not always offer complete security. Almost all free software comes with bloatware, which is usually not malicious. However, even if it is not malicious, consumes disk space, which in turn can slow it down computer.

My Lockbox does a good job: protects me code access folders (and applications within those folders) and prevent unauthorized access users. However, if someone is logged in with an administrator account, they can access locked folders. Although it is not the easiest thing, it is possible.

Application protection in Windows 10

First, you need to download and install My Lockbox by going to “My Lockbox”On the FSPro Labs site. Click the "Download" button.

Windows 10 applications
Windows 10: How to password protect applications?

After downloading, do double click on the “mylockbox_setup” icon. This will start the My Lockbox installation wizard.

The installation process will begin. The first two windows will ask you to select one language and accept it License. You will then be asked to select a folder to install My Lockbox. By default, go to C: \ Program Files \ My Lockbox. If you want to change it location, click "Search" and then select the place where you want to install My Lockbox. Otherwise, click "Next".

(To install My Lockbox, you need at least 9 MB of free space on disk).

Continue through the guide and, at the end, click on “Installation“. The installation will only take a few seconds.

Once installed, double click on its icon application to open it.

Initially, you will be asked to add a password. Use a strong password and enter it again to confirm it.

Click "OK" to continue.

You will then be asked select the folder you want to protect. Essentially, you select the folders that contain the applications that you want to protect. If you lock the folder that contains the application, you will not be able to open it, even if you try to obtain access in it from the start menu or the desktop shortcut.

Click on “Search Now”To open it File exploration.

Navigate to the folder that contains the application you want to lock, click to select it and press "OK".

Confirm the route file in the "Folder to Protect" box, then click "OK".

You will no longer have access when you try to open the application.

To open it, start My Lockbox and enter the password access. Click "OK".

The contents of the locked folder will now appear in "My Lockbox File Browser".

Until you turn on protection again, you will have access to applications. Click "Enable protection" in the upper right corner of the My Lockbox app to lock the folder again.

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