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Europe: Electric car sales are rising

Sales of electric cars are currently growing in Europe with market share reaching new records in many countries. In the midst of the pandemic, the car industry has been very successful, but electric vehicles are what made the difference.

The sales of electric cars marked a satisfactory course since in many markets the electric vehicles achieved record sales in relation to the classic vehicles.

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This is especially true in Europe, where car manufacturers are focusing on their new electric vehicles due to emissions regulations. In November at Germany sales of electric cars reached 10% of its market share automotive industry.

This new market share record is an important indication that electric cars are a great success.

But another interesting point is that among the 10 best-selling electric vehicles on the market, 6 are not available in North America:

  1. Renault Zoe
  2. Hyundai Kona EV
  3. VW ID.3
  4. Smart Fortwo
  5. VW e-Golf
  6. VW e-Up
  7. Tesla Model 3
  8. Opel Corsa E
  9. BMW i3
  10. Mazda MX-30

Several of these vehicles have recently been released exclusively in Europe, such as the VW ID.3 and the Mazda MX-30.

Beyond the pandemic, we think this shows two things: the regulations work and more electric vehicle models on the market will have a huge impact.

All these so-called experts who predict that the market share of electronic vehicles will have reached 30-50% by 2030-2035 have fallen completely out.

The availability of most EV models makes a difference and the same will happen when more electric cars and trucks released in most parts of it North America.

We are not saying that there are no differences in the mentality of customers in different markets, but we believe that choices and lack of choices represent a large part of problem.

This problem has been fixed in Europe and the same will happen in North America in the next 2-3 years, as 20-30 new models of electric vehicles will be released in market.

Source of information: electrek.co

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