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Facebook is trying to circumvent EU privacy laws

Facebook will move all its users in the UK to US user agreements, removing them from their current relationship with the Irish Facebook unit and away from European privacy laws.

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The change will take effect next year and is similar to the move made by Google on February. These companies, like many others, are headquartered in Dublin, and the UK's exit from the EU will change its legal relationship with Ireland, which remains in the European Union.

Initially, Reuters sources were informed about this move and a little later Facebook confirmed it.

"Like other companies, Facebook had to make changes to meet Brexit and transfer the legal responsibilities and obligations of users of the United Kingdom from Facebook Ireland to Facebook Inc. There will be no change in privacy controls or services "Facebook offers to people living in the UK," said a company spokesman in the UK.

Facebook users in the UK will continue to be subject to UK privacy legislation, which currently follows the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Facebook makes change because EU privacy is one of the strictest in the world, say people who know more about its decisions company. EU rules give users detailed control over data that concern them.

Privacy advocates fear the UK could move to an even looser data privacy regime, especially as it seeks a trade deal with the United States that offers far less privacy protections. Some also worry that UK users on Facebook could more easily be subject to surveillance by information services of the United States.

Facebook will notify users of the shift over the next six months, giving them the option to stop using the world's largest social network and its services Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook's decision comes at a time when the United Kingdom is stepping up efforts to ban strong encryption, which Facebook intends to apply to all products of. The United Kingdom, like the European Union, is pushing Facebook on many other fronts, such as hate speech and terrorist policies.

The United States may also seek new privacy and security laws content of SOCIAL MEDIA, while federal and state prosecutors have recently launched antitrust lawsuits against Facebook and Google. However, technical lobbyists expect that US technology regulations will remain more environmentally friendly. industry from those in the UK.

Source of information: theguardian.com

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