HomesecurityMissouri: Ransomware Attack Affects Many State Services!

Missouri: Ransomware Attack Affects Many State Services!

Missouri Independence City suffered a ransomware attack last week, which still affects its services. The ransomware attack that the city suffered, forced it to close system so that it can repair the damage and recover as quickly as possible.

The mayor, Zach Walker, said in a statement: "Independence City recently encountered an incident that caused technical difficulties and disruption to many services. These interruptions appear to be the result of ransomware attack which was discovered and interrupted before it could infect the entire city network. "

Missouri: Ransomware Attack Affects Many State Services!

Walker also noted that it performs a full system scan and resets encrypted machines from available Backups. The recovery process causes further disruption to city services, including sending utility bills and online payments.

Walker told KSHB Kansas City: "In order to protect the integrity of our systems, when we started noticing some malicious activity, we shut down all our systems. "One of the systems that was breached was the utility account system." Due to problems with its systems, the city of Missouri will not charge additional fees for arrears payments.

Walker noted that investigations are currently underway to determine if the intruders stole during the ransomware attack data of the city, including personal information of its residents and employees.

Missouri: Ransomware Attack Affects Many State Services!

As is well known, most gangs steal unencrypted files before developing ransomware. Then use the stolen ones archives in double blackmail strategies, in which they threaten the victims that the files will be leaked to a data leak site if they do not pay the required ransom. Hackers of various ransomware gangs have reported to BleepingComputer that victims are more concerned about leakage of stolen data rather than for the loss of encrypted files.

Finally, it is worth noting that no ransomware gang has so far claimed responsibility for this attack.

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