HomesecurityBusinesses: Many do not tell customers that they are being monitored by third parties

Businesses: Many do not tell customers that they are being monitored by third parties

Many businesses (almost three quarters) acknowledge that they allow their customers' data to be monitored by third parties, but this is often done without asking for their consent.

Η Zoho Corp conducted a survey of 1400 business leaders and found that 100% of respondents said that their companies ad tracking by third parties and 57% said "comfortable" or "very comfortable" with the way third parties use them data their customers. However, 72% admit that monitoring occurs without informing customers.

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In the US and Canada, many businesses (62%) do not inform their customers that they allow tracking code from third-party services on their websites. At the same time, most of them Companies claim that they clearly have strictly defined privacy policies.

A Zoho executive told Infosecurity that businesses have ethical obligation to be honest with customers and yes based on transparency about the data collected and the services with which they share them.

According to the research, there seems to be a big gap between what business leaders think about their privacy policies and what information keep hidden from their customers. Business leaders need to put themselves in the shoes of their customers and ask, "as a user, do I want to be followed?Said the Zoho executive.

However, he claimed that Many companies fail in this ethical test, which shows that they are more interested in profits than privacy of their customers. "We should not wait for regulators to push companies to take stronger measures to protect data and consumer privacy", He added.

Asked whether companies need to be more transparent about what is collected and to whom this data is provided, the Niamh Muldoon, director security in OneLogin, replied: “… Must be clear about data usage, while ensuring that appropriate data protection controls are in place when they are imported, processed and stored".

According to the survey, most companies have not realized that they need to invest in safety.

Ο Matthew Pahl, security researcher at DomainTools, said businesses will continue to make a profit and put it second privacy of customers. According to the researcher, the change in corporate practices will only take place if companies see that allowing widespread monitoring of habits and data of customers, no longer brings them profits.

Source: Infosecurity Magazine


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