HomesecurityBritain: fines for online companies with harmful content

Britain: fines for online companies with harmful content

According to information that became known on Tuesday, the United Kingdom intends to impose large fines on companies SOCIAL MEDIA but also other online organizations, unless they reduce or eliminate completely harmful content such as child abuse or terrorist material from platforms their. Companies should also better protect their users from cyber risks.   

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Ireland has already imposed the first fine on Twitter for data breach, which became the first US social media company to receive a penalty from Europe after the tightening of measures (GDPR).

According to legislative proposals that the UK government intends to launch next year, technology companies that allow users to publish their own material or talk to others online, they could receive fines of up to 18 24 million ($ 10 million) or XNUMX% of their total annual revenue, whichever is higher, if they do not comply.

The proposals, contained in the UK government's online security bill, will have additional requirements for the larger "high-risk" social media companies, which are expected to include Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

These companies must meet specific requirements to assess whether there is a "reasonably foreseeable risk" that the content or activity they host could cause "significant physical or psychological harm to adults", such as false information about vaccines. coronavirus. They should specify what is allowed and how to handle it.

All companies should take extra steps to protection of children on their platforms. The new regulations will apply to any company whose online services are accessible in the UK.

The UK government also intends to impose criminal sanctions on senior executives of these companies if they do not take the new rules seriously. For example, if they do not respond quickly to requests for information from regulators.

The European Union is also expected to present its own long-awaited overhaul of digital regulations. The EU proposals will include measures aimed at reducing the technology giants. Online platforms will take more responsibility for their goods and services, such as removing malicious users and removing illegal content such as hate speech.

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