HomesecurityThe new Goontact spyware targets Android and iOS users

The new Goontact spyware targets Android and iOS users

Security investigators have discovered a new one malware with possibilities espionage and monitoring. Essentially, this is one spyware, which according to the data, is available both in publications Android as well as on iOS. The spyware is called Goontact and has the ability to collects various data from the infected Appliances, such as: phone IDs, contacts, SMS messages, photos and location information.

Goontact spyware

The new spyware was detected by the security company Lookout and according to the researchers, distributed through third parties sites promoted for free applications instant messaging.

These sites currently appear to target Chinese-speaking countries, Lookout said in a report.

The malware has not yet reached the official stores of its applications Apple and Google. However, there are indications that The users have downloaded Android and iOS applications, which are infected with Goontact spyware.

The data collected by these applications is sent to online servers under the control of Goontact spyware operators. Based on the language used for the management panels of these servers, Lookout believes that the Goontact spyware campaign is most likely the work of Chinese-speaking criminals.

Η Apurva Kumar, a Lookout executive, told ZDNet that Goontact looks a lot like one sexual blackmail campaign, analyzed by Trend Micro in 2018.

Although there is no tangible evidence at this time, Kumar believes that data collected through malicious applications could later be used to blackmail them victims to pay small sums of money or force them to do things related to the sexual part.

Android spyware iOS spyware

"We have informed both Google and Apple of this threat and are working with them to protect all users Android and iOS from Goontact spyware", Said Kumar.

"Η Apple has revoked the corporate certificates used to sign applications, and as a result, applications will stop working on devices", Added the security expert.

"Play Protect will also notify the user if an Android version of Goontact is installed on their device".

There are many applications that are infected with Goontact spyware, but you can find them at end of the Lookout report.

Source: ZDNet

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