HomesecurityNazi images appeared on a Jewish school website

Nazi images appeared on a Jewish school website

Anti-Semitic images, songs and messages were posted on the website of a Jewish school in Long Island on Monday - the school website was compromised.

A Swastika and a clip of the march of the Nazi SS guards were posted on the home page of the North Shore Hebrew Academy, according to the video posted on Twitter.

More Nazi photos were also posted on the "About Us" page, which was violated to he says the phrase “The k – e race”. Another page mentions the phrase "North Shore Hebrew Death Camp".

Jewish school
Nazi images appeared on a Jewish school website

The nonprofit - which shared the video on Twitter - said the personal information of students and school teachers leaked during the breach.

"A Jewish school in the Great Neck (Long Island) of New York is being violated!" the post states. "Nazi images, songs and messages continue to be published. "Student and teacher addresses and credit card details have also been leaked."

An image of Adolf Hitler was also published in a σελίδα which described the school as a "North Shore concentration camp".

Another page contained details of an "excursion" to Auschwitz, which stated that the deadline for submitting applications is until January 1945 and said students should "enter an SS office and register as Jewish."

Until late Monday afternoon, the school's website displayed the message: “Under construction. Please check back soon. ” Director Daniel Vitow told The Post that "we know condition and cooperate actively with law enforcement authorities ".

His police Nassau County confirmed that it is investigating incident, but so far has no extra information.

Liora Rez, director of, said the agency was notified of the breach shortly after 4 p.m. and that it lasted a few hours. "We are terrified that hackers have targeted a Jewish school and exposed children to horrific Nazi images and messagesSaid Rez.

"Many of these teens are descendants of Holocaust survivors and the trauma flares up when they do. Facts».

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