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Mozilla: Fixes for bugs in Netflix and other streaming services on Apple Silicon Macs

Mozilla has reported fixes for a known bug that is causing errors in many video streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video Prime, in version 84's Firefox for Mac. Specifically, Mozilla stated the following: "If you have an Apple Silicon Macs and are having trouble getting errors whenever you try to watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Prime, or any other streaming service after you install Firefox 84+, you may need to install Rosetta. "

According to Mozilla, this is due to the fact that Rosetta 2 is required on Apple Silicon Macs to run applications created for Macs with a processor Intel. Rosetta 2 runs in the background and translates applications designed specifically for processors Intel for use on Apple Silicon.

Mozilla: Fixes for bugs in Netflix and other streaming services for Apple Silicon Macs

Mozilla has noted that some of the error messages that a Firefox user may encounter while trying to use video streaming platforms are as follows:

Netflix: Sorry for interrupting. We're having trouble playing Netflix… Error code F7702-1003
Hulu: The title cannot be played. We are having trouble reproducing this video. Please try again later.
Disney +: Something went wrong. Try again… Error code 83
Amazon Prime: Video is not available. We have a problem playing this video…

If you are using Firefox 84 and encounter these errors, Mozilla recommends that you install Rosetta on your Apple Silicon Macs (that is, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or Mac mini with Apple M1 chips) for quick repair.

Mozilla: Bug fixes for Netflix and other streaming services for Apple Silicon Mac

To install Rosetta 2 on your Mac and fix Firefox 84 video streaming issues, Mozilla recommends the following steps:

  • Open Terminal by typing it into your computer's Spotlight Search field or double-clicking Finder → Applications → Utilities → Terminal.
  • In the Terminal window, run the command: / usr / sbin / softwareupdate –install-rosetta
  • Accept the license terms, follow the instructions by clicking A and then Return.

According to BleepingComputer, two months ago Mozilla released information about a quick fix to address a well-known problem that caused blank pages or errors when trying to load Twitter on the Firefox web browser.

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