HomesecurityApple: The applications in its app stores will say what data they collect

Apple: The applications in its app stores will say what data they collect

Η Apple began to inform about what kind of person data collected by digital services displayed in app stores its both for iPhone as well as for its other products.

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Updates to personal information appear in applications created for iPhone, iPad, computers Poppy and the streaming device for Apple TV. Apple announced this move six months ago, saying it wanted to to help its customers better understand how applications track their habits, preferences and location data.

In many cases, the applications collect data on advertising products and services, related to the interests and location of a particular person.

The increased transparency regarding the collection and handling of personal information has been designed so that they can The users make better decisions about the applications they choose to install on phones and others Appliances their. Knowledge of the information collected can completely change users' decisions about the applications they will download.


The changes were discussed with European regulators and were in line with Apple's efforts to establish itself as reliable custodian of its customers. According to the CEO of the company, Tim CookThe protection of confidentiality is considered a "fundamental human right". Cook has criticized Google and Facebook, because most of their revenue comes from ads that take advantage of the collection data of users.

Apple also plans to impose a new order that will require all iPhone applications to be licensed before tracking a person's activities on the device. Many applications monitor the user, who must go to the settings of each application to block this monitoring.

The new feature would be released in September, but Apple delayed it after a protest Facebook and many other application developers. However, Apple undertakes to remove from its stores any application attempting to circumvent the new anti-monitoring rule (from the moment it enters into force, next year).

Source: Security Week

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