HomesecurityGmail down: is it due to hacking?

Gmail down: is it due to hacking?

For possible mass data breach, millions of Gmail users around the world have been warned after the service went down yesterday.

Google Gmail

The security expert and its CEO International Corporate Protection Group, Will Geddes, speaking at TalkRadio on Monday, warned that Gmail could be the victim hacking. We remind you that yesterday, Monday, her services Google, As the YouTube, Google Meet, Hangouts, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar have been offline for about 40 minutes in many parts of the world.

Mr Geddes said: "The sky is the limit for data that could be stolen. "

"It could be server information from Gmail accounts, sign-in credentials and email content."

"It could be a hacking to shut down certain departments or federal agencies."

"It could be an attempt to extract information and keep them for ransom. "


The talkRADIO host, Mike Graham, asked the expert if he believed an online attack was behind the mass shutdown of Google services on Monday.

The security expert replied: "This is likely to happen. At the moment what we know is quite limited, except that there have been sporadic complaints from people who called. "

Mr Geddes also said that many agencies and federal agencies were accepting cyber attacks each year. If in the case of Gmail, this is indeed an attack, the security expert believes that it may have been carried out by government hackers.

Google issued a brief statement about the shutdown, saying it was "aware of the problem."

The company confirmed that the "majority" of its customers could not access its web services, including Google Docs, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube.

A spokesman said they could not access their email during the outage, but did not confirm the cause of the problem.


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