HomesecurityPay2Key ransomware stole data from Intel's Habana Labs!

Pay2Key ransomware stole data from Intel's Habana Labs!

The processor developer artificial intelligence AI "Habana Labs" suffered ransomware attack, during which his data was stolen and leaked. Habana Labs is an Israeli-based startup company for AI processors, which was acquired by Intel in December 2019 for about $ 2 billion. Over the weekend, the PayXNUMXKey ransomware gang leaked data, which it claims it stole from Habana Labs. Stolen data includes information Windows domain account, DNS zone information for domain and a list of files from the inspection system code Gerrit. In addition, Pay2Key ransomware operators leaked business documents and source code images.

The hackers behind Pay2Key ransomware threatened Intel's Habana Labs through the data leak site they manage that it has 72 hours to stop the leak process. However, it is not known at this time the amount of ransom that hackers demand (if any) from their victim in order not to leak the stolen data.

Pay2Key ransomware stole data from Intel's Habana Labs!

According to BleepingComputer, the hackers who orchestrated the attack did not appear to be for financial gain, but to harm Israeli interests.

Pay2Key is a relatively new ransomware that was behind a series of attacks on Israeli companies in November 2020, according to Israeli companies. cyber security "Check Point" and "Profero". Specifically, Profero pointed out that behind the ransomware company are Iranian hackers, after monitoring the ransom wallets in Iranian exchanges. Bitcoin. In addition, the Israeli media reported that the hackers violated, last week, the Israeli company software "Amital" and used their access to breach forty of the company's customers in a supply chain attack.

Pay2Key ransomware stole data from Intel's Habana Labs!

Profero CEO Omri Moyal has advised Israeli companies to strengthen their network defenses, as he expects Iran to carry out more cyber attacks in the future.

Finally, the hacking gang known as "BlackShadow" was behind a cyber attack targeting the Israeli insurance company "Shirbit", during which data of the victim were stolen and leaked. It is worth noting that although the Shirbit attack is similar to the Pay2Key attacks, it is not known if there is any connection between them.


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