HomesecurityUS government networks have fallen victim to a new cyber attack

US government networks have fallen victim to a new cyber attack

On Sunday, the Ministry of Commerce of USA announced that he was the victim of a cyber attack, which is allegedly related to Russia.

cyber attack

"It simply came to our notice then infringement in one of our offices ", said the Ministry of Commerce in a statement to CNN. "We asked her CISA and FBI to investigate and we can not make further comments at this time ".

The incident was also confirmed by Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Organization of the Ministry of Internal Security, who told CNN: "We are working closely with our partners on the activity recently discovered in government networks. "

"CISA provides technical assistance to affected entities as they work to identify and mitigate potential compromises," the statement continued.

Η data breach, originally announced by Reuters.

The Washington Post also reported on Sunday that the Commerce Department had been the victim of a cyber attack by government officials. hackers of Russia, but also the Ministry of Economy and other government entities had the same fate, as reported by sources familiar with the events from within. According to the FBI investigation, the same hacking team is the one that violated the cyber security company FireEye, which just last week revealed a attack endangering the so-called "Red Team" tools used to protect its customers, including government customers.

According to a source who knows more about the incident, both the attack on FireEye and those reported on Sunday are related. Evidence shows that Russia has adopted a strategy of cyber-attacks and espionage against both the US public and private sectors.

"These types of attacks that exploit credible relationships are extremely difficult to detect and deal with in real time," the source said, adding that while the Commerce and Finance departments are the victims identified so far, . ” Last week, the National Security Agency issued an advisory warning about Russian government agencies having access to data on protected systems and called for the immediate rectification of various government networks, including those of the Ministry of Defense. "


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