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MacOS Big Sur 11.1 is almost ready

Apple released a MacOS Big Sur 11.1 Release Candidate to developers on Thursday. This is very good news for those who are postponing their Mac upgrade to any major new MacOS release until it receives its first major review.

macOS Big Sur 11.1

MacOS Big Sur 11.1 is very close

Now that third-party software developers have access to Release Candidate for the next version of macOS, they can do a last minute search for errors in code Apple and also check if their own applications are compatible with the new features.

Also Apple has not said much about the news characteristics coming to version 11.1. It is possible that the only tweaks support AirPods Max and Apple Fitness +. But Big Sur is a very important update, offering - after two decades - the biggest design review in UI of Mac.

And exactly when macOS Big Sur 11.1 will be released is not known. But it will definitely be soon. According to Apple, the term "Release Candidate" (RC) replaces "GM seed" and indicates that this version is almost final. "

Apple introduced iOS 14.3 RC and iPadOS 14.3 RC on Tuesday and today replaced them with updates. This is an unusual step. The most likely explanation is a serious one error which appeared at the last minute.

The new iOS update will bring ProRAW support to iPhone 12 Pro models. In addition, this and the corresponding iPad will give everyone more information about the privacy practices of the applications they use. Both iOS 14.3 and / or iPadOS are required to use AirPods Max and Apple Fitness +. The exercise service starts on December 14, when these publications must released soon.

But for now, they are only for developers. Those who participate in the Apple Developer Program can download them iOS 14.3 RC2 and iPadOS 14.3 RC2 today, along with MacOS Big Sur 11.1 Release Candidate.


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