HomesecurityWhat are the top security threats we will see in 2021?

What are the top security threats we will see in 2021?

The Information Security Forum (ISF), announced its forecasts on the top global threats to safety, which will face businesses the 2021.


Malware, identity theft, cyber attacks and attacks network: Cybercrime has increased in recent times, especially since the pandemic COVID-19 changed our daily lives. The changing threat landscape requires new risk management, and security professionals need to pay close attention to how reports change in the coming months and to conditions that affect the level of protection.

The threats from within: H threatening internally, is one of the biggest security risks faced by organizations, as a malicious employee can use credentials to obtain access to critical elements of a particular organization. The threat of malicious internal activity is a growing concern, especially for financial institutions, and will continue to be a concern in 2021.

Edge Computing compromises security: Edge Computing will be an attractive architectural choice for organizations. However, it will also become a key target for attackers. It will create many weaknesses and will not be able to take advantage of traditional security solutions.

High-speed digitization threatens security: Organizations will undertake increasingly sophisticated digital transformations, developing AI, blockchain or robotics, expecting them to integrate seamlessly into their underlying systems. But those who do not take the appropriate measures to do it right, will put in risk their safety.

However there are some methods that can be applied by companies to protect themselves from threats:

Durability: the number one business priority. Identifying and prioritizing critical elements whose importance has changed is constantly improving the response capabilities of a infringement.

Risk management, governance and compliance: a sound governance framework is key.

Technology and services: Choosing the right service providers, who should always be trusted, can reduce the risk of breaches.

Supply chain integrity: supply chain risks are pervasive - contact key suppliers regularly, check for potential exposure to new threats and implement alternative operating procedures for those that no longer meet current standards.

WorkforceParticular attention should be paid to training staff and ensuring a healthy relationship with them.

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