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iPhone: How to sort your apps alphabetically

Looking for an app but can't remember its name? Using the iOS 14 App Library feature, you can easily browse through a complete alphabetical list of apps installed on your iPhone. See how.

To find the App Library, visit your iPhone's home screen and swipe left as many times as needed to reach the App Library screen. This is always the last page after icons of the home screen. Once you get there, you will see groups of application icons automatically sorted by category.

To see an alphabetical list of applications, swipe down from the middle screen of the App Library or press search bar in the up side.


A new screen will appear displaying your applications classified with the first letter of each name application.


You can scroll up and down to browse list. Tap an app to launch it. To add an application icon to the Home screen, tap and hold the icon and drag the icon to the desired position on the home screen.

If you want to quickly go to the list applications, slide your finger along the vertical index finger letters on the right side of the screen and the list will quickly go to this location.


You can also type a search in a box at the top of the screen and Results will appear below. If you click on one result, the application will start.


If you want to return to its home screen App Library, press "Cancel" just to its right search bar at the top of the screen.

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