HomeinetDevelopers: Day: Digital by kariera.gr was successfully completed

Developers: Day: Digital by kariera.gr was successfully completed

Developers: Day: Digital by kariera.gr was successfully completed 550+ candidates from the IT industry conducted 3.871 online interviews at Developers: Day: Digital of kariera.gr, the largest hub for employment in Hellas.

Developers: Day: Digital by kariera.gr was successfully completed
Developers: Day: Digital by kariera.gr was successfully completed

Developers: Day: Digital

 The biggest event for employment in Information Technology and New Technologies carried out by kariera.gr for the second time in a digital environment!

  • 550+ potential employees
  • 2.112 job applications
  • 3.871 online job interviews
  • 16.984 messages between candidates and employers
  • 120+ recruiters
  • 20 companies
  • 1800+ views on live webinars and speeches delivered via YouTube 
  • 30 invited speakers from the IT space

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The majority of the jobs sought by the companies that took part in the event were filled by staff: Data Scientist, Full Stack Engineers, Front-end Engineers, Back-end Engineers, DevOps, Big Data Engineers and Test / QA Engineers.

While the programming languages ​​and frameworks they are looking for are: Java, Javascript, .Net, PHP, React and Angular. The focus of the discussions through online webinars was Data-driven business decision-making, how Technology can be a key helper of our country's development in the coming years, how the workforce can use knowledge and experience to cover new items that highlight the digitization of the work and its model remote working as well as digital nomads and the search, by organizations, of people with knowledge and skills around the digital economy.

Developers: Day: Digital by kariera.gr was successfully completed

During the two days the candidates were interviewed with 20 Greek and foreign companies, such as: Agile Actors, Ansys, Coding School, Dialog Semiconductor, Eurobank, European Dynamics, EV, Hiring Solutions | kariera.gr, Intralot, INTRASOFT International, MR HealthTech Ltd, New SIA Greece, Nokia, Noris, QUALCO, Scytalys, Uni Systems, Upstream, Vodafone Greece & Kotsovolos.

Mr. Markos Veremis, Upstream Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, in his discussion with Mr. Th. Vassiliadis, Co-Founder and Chairman of kariera.gr on "Greece's future passes through technology", Among other things, he stressed the importance of knowing the trends in the labor market before choosing an academic education, stating in this regard:"Convince your 15-year-old cousin not to do a stupid degree. Convince a friend you have outside of Greece, who is a lot senior to come and work here with you. ” He also stated that: “1/3 of the graduates continue to go to subjects that lead them, in the A or B way, to become teachers. Greece has been hiring teachers for years, so in essence it is a condemnation of unemployment. They have no knowledge or image of how the market works and the demand has it ".

A typical example of a domestic initiative in the field of technology, which now has a global presence is the company Pobuca, which Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO, in an online discussion at the event presented. As he characteristically said “It is important that the people behind the start-ups have an understanding of what we call capitalism. How the world of capital, markets, growth, escalation works. I believe that we do not teach this in Greece. We do not teach e.g. how banks work ”. "But the new batch of executives on start-ups understands better how the business world works. This is improving. But there are a large number of people who have not touched the start-up community and are lagging behind in business developments. So what do executives in Technology need to have to succeed? Continuous learning is what we need. They have acquired abroad e.g. in England the culture that they are constantly being educated on their own. In addition to what we study, it is our own issue to develop our subject on our own. I think we are a little behind in this in Greece ". 

Developers: Day: Digital by kariera.gr was successfully completed
Developers: Day: Digital by kariera.gr was successfully completed

All participants attended speeches by prominent personalities on IT and New Technologies, such as: Giouli Bonarou, Yield Optimization Manager at Project Agora "Data driven solutions creating impact", Fanis Kasimis, CEO Audax Cybersecurity / Cybersecurity Expert, «Professional Type: Ethical Hacker» George Soulogiannis, Purchase and Product Manager, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Hellas, Miltos Karapas, Commercial Manager, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Hellas, "BANDAI NAMCO: More fun for everyone" Giannis Smyrnios, IT Consultant at Frontmen - Front-end Chapter Leader at Carepay, Katerina Skroubelou, Software Engineer at Narwhal Technologies Inc (Nrwl), "A meetup in the times of Covid", Giannis Smyrnios, IT Consultant at Frontmen - Front-end Chapter Leader at Carepay, Χάρης Γιαννακίδης, Senior Software Engineer Technical Lead at SG Digital, Sergio Kagiema, frontend Engineer at Agile Actors, Udacity certified Frontend Developer, VueJS Athens organizer, «What's your Javascript: Vue, Angular & React», Valentini Voutsina HR & Talent Manager, Instashop and Fotis Karalis, Deputy CTO, Instashop, «Coding for Convenience», George Betios, CPO Lancom / Battlenet, "ESPORTS & Technology: A New Era for Gaming and Sports", Argyris Zymnis, Co-founder of Plex, "The evolution of the software developer career path", Isidoros Sideridis CEO of Pobuca, Theofilos Vassiliadis, Chairman at Kariera.gr, "Hiring challenges in the Greek job market", Marco Veremis, Upstream Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, Theofilos Vassiliadis, co-founder and Chairman at Kariera.gr, "Greece's future passes through technology", Kostis Galousis, Web Chapter Leader / Capability Lead, Costas Sidiropoulos, Capability Lead Software Engineer in Test, Pantelis Nasikas, Capability Lead for Data & Big Data Architect, Alexis Panousis, Head of Engineering-Camelot Lottery Solutions, Agile Actors, «Agile Actors Chapters and Technologies», Dr. Nikos Mylonopoulos, Associate Professor of Digital Business at Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece, "The future of work and the merging of business and digital skills", Spyros Bethanis - Digital Channels Systems, Division Manager, Eurobank, «The Industrial Revolution in Banking », Marios Logothetis, PhD - Senior Research and Innovation Manager, INTRASOFT International, "A Big data Streaming and Analytics Platform - Approach, Development and Application", Tonia Tzitzi, IT Recruitment Consultant, kariera.gr, Tassos Mammas, Recruitment Consultant, kariera.gr, «IT and Recruitment: Let's bridge the gap», Γιάννης Παπίδης, Chief Technology and Business Change Officer of Kotsovolos - Dixons SE Europe, «Join us and Be part of IT evolution!», George Mitropoulos, Architecture Team, Nokia,«Traffic management in mobile core networks for CIOT deployments », Giannis Alexopoulos, Sr. Director of Product Engineering, Qualco, «From Desktop to Web», Nazaret Kazarian, VP of Engineering, Upstream, «Leading Mobile Technology in High Growth Markets», Κωνσταντίνος Αθανασίου, API Engineer, Vodafone Greece, "Driving Innovation through Microservices: Vodafone's Journey".

Also, the kariera.gr in partnership with Alba Graduate Business School, in their effort to open new "windows" of career opportunities to young men and women with a strong academic profile and STEM studies, offered a full scholarship to the MSc in Finance, exclusively to its participants Developers: Day: Digital.


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