HomesecurityOnline shopping: One in five items for sale shows signs of fraud!

Online shopping: One in five items for sale shows signs of fraud!

About one in five (19%) items available in online shopping at Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday showed signs of fraud or danger, according to her research Besedo.
In particular, a survey of about 3000 public listings in November found that 15% of items offered in online shopping showed signs of fraud. A particularly high percentage of electronics were observed to have these characteristics, with researchers stating that 22% of its listings PlayStation 5 it was possible it was scams during the month. In fact, that percentage rose to more than a third on Black Friday weekend.

Interesting is the fact that 7% and 5% of competing game consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox series s It was most likely a scam, which may be due to the difficulties that consumers face in finding a PS5 available for sale.

Online shopping: One in five items for sale shows signs of fraud!

In addition, 19% of products iPhone 12 reported also showed signs of fraud. Besedo's research also showed that fashion products offered in online shopping put shoppers at significant risk of losing money or receiving fake products, with 15% of listings being counterfeit.

Another area exploited by scammers, especially on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, was the sale of pets, with almost a quarter (23%) of puppy listings showing signs of fraud.

This year, the transition to E-commerce which occurred in view of his pandemic COVID-19 increased the risk of consumer fraud. Thus, consumers who are currently making their Christmas purchases are advised to be especially careful.

Online shopping: One in five items for sale shows signs of fraud!

Petter Nylander, CEO of Besedo, pointed out that this holiday season carries a lot of risks for buyers, combined with the fact that the majority of purchases will be made online due to the circumstances. He added that the expected late delivery of orders will give fraudsters more room to target unsuspecting buyers, thus making it much more difficult for victims realize that they have been deceived and take appropriate action.

Nylander therefore advises consumers to be especially careful in their festive markets this year, checking if the prices of the offered items are realistic, if the seller is genuine and if the products are what they say they are, before they press the button market.


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