HomesecurityAre New Yorkers more vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Are New Yorkers more vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Do its inhabitants New York, are they more vulnerable to cyber attacks such as identity theft? According to a recent survey, which compared each state to determine the likelihood of cyberattacks, the larger a state the greater the security incidents.

Cyber ​​attacks

Information is coming every day and from all over the world about cyber attacks on large companies with millions of customers worldwide. And it is very likely that you or a friend or relative has fallen victim one data breach. Definitely not a pleasant experience. It can affect your daily life and put you in the process of finding out exactly what happened and what you can do. It is a difficult situation that you should avoid.

The data show that data breaches have decreased by 2020, but big companies like Marriott and Nintendo have been hacked this year. Security incidents at such large companies often affect millions of users around the world.

Η Wallethub decided to conduct a study to determine which states are most vulnerable to identity theft. For her research, she compared 50 states in 14 different measurements from per capita identity theft reports to the average amount of fraudulent loss.

New York was ranked as the seventh most vulnerable state for identity theft. The state most vulnerable to identity theft is Florida, followed by the South Caroline and Delaware. Below you can see the New York ranking of the different counts in identity theft cases:

12η allegations of identity theft per capita

9η on average loss amounts due to cyber identity theft

13η fraud and other complaints per capita

14η on average loss amount due to fraud

18η in state laws to freeze security for juvenile credit reports

1η in the passport-identity theft program

25η arrests of people for per capita fraud

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