HomesecurityNetgain: Forced to close data centers due to ransomware attack

Netgain: Forced to close data centers due to ransomware attack

O IT service provider and cloud hosting, Netgain, had to disable some of them data centers of, after a ransomware attack, which took place at the end of last month.

Netgain data centers

Netgain offers hosting and cloud IT solutions to healthcare organizations and Companies finance-accounting.

According to BleepingComputer, Netgain sent emails to customers and informed them that he had fallen victim ransomware attack on November 24, 2020.

Customers started receiving the informative emails on December 4th. It was also stated that they could be observed "shutdown or system slowdownBecause of the attack.

"At the moment, the plan to deal with such incidents and containment efforts require us to take additional precautionary measures, as well as to install additional security software, in response to this cyber attack. We believe that you will experience system downtime or slowdown today and in the coming days as we do these actions", Netgain explained to the customers.

The next day, December 5, Netgain stated that forced to close its data centers so that the ransomware attack.

"As you know, in order to deal with the incident, we have taken protective measures to isolate and limit the threat. These include the closure of some of our data centers. Keep in mind that we understand the impact this downtime has on your business. Our team works around the clock, every day, to reduce this threat and restore services", Said the new email sent to customers on December 5.

Today, a Netgain customer with the brand name Crystal Practice Management, which offers software for optometrists and other vision care professionals, sent e-mail to his customers to inform them of attack on Netgain.

According to Crystal PM, thousands of Netgain servers were affected by the ransomware attack. Although the company's responsible team works hard, they do not exist information for when the systems will be fully restored.

According to Bleeping Computer, Netgain did not provide any additional information about the incident, so we do not know which ransomware gang is behind attack.

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