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Japan invests in artificial intelligence to reduce infertility

The Japanese government will invest in artificial intelligence (AI) to help citizens find their match - and perhaps help stabilize the country's declining birth rates.

According to the Japan Times, the Council of Ministers intends to allocate 2 19 billion ($ XNUMX million) to local authorities running dating programs for its residents. country.

In total, about half of the 47 prefectures in the country already offer meeting and appointment services and some have already introduced technological solutions supported by AI to improve these services.

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A Japanese official said in the post that while AI technology is not a "romantic technology", the solutions based on these algorithms can match a "wider and smarter range of potential suitors / partners".

In other words, the standard forms you fill out for certain services dating, such as the registration of political views you, your “like” tags and your goals, could promote themselves via AI and then connect to the most suitable match for you.

Current dating services in Japan use similar, standardized services forms and the goal is for artificial intelligence to use these data to carry out a more advanced analysis of people seeking a relationship.

The government hopes this initiative "will help increase the nation's birth rate."

Japan has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world and the number of children one acquires woman during life of - taken as an average across the country - falls from 2,001 in 1960 to 1,42 in 2018.

It is possible that this number decreased further due to COVID-19: and the difficulties encountered in socialization and dating young people, which may further hinder the younger generation from connecting with potential mates.

Source: zdnet.com

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