HomesecurityEuropol: Fake vaccines for COVID-19 are available on the Dark Web

Europol: Fake vaccines for COVID-19 are available on the Dark Web

As the UK begins preparations for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine, authorities warn of fake vaccines circulating on the dark web.

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It is said that the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine will be distributed to United Kingdom this week for protection of vulnerable groups.

However Europol has been warning for days about fake vaccines for COVID-19. These fake publications circulate in the dark website, as organized crime groups take advantage of the increased demand and interest of the public.

According to the authorities, these vaccines will be "ineffective or toxic in the worst case" and could lead to an outbreak of the virus between communities supposedly vaccinated.

"Counterfeit vaccines can be marketed in illegal markets or even to enter the legal market, as is often the case with other counterfeit medicines. The expected high demand for vaccines for COVID-19 attracts organized crime groups seeking to exploit the pandemic and vaccination campaigns", Explained Europol.

Criminals can fill empty vials with some irrelevant substance.

Europol Dark Web

You may also steal genuine vaccines from supply chains in charge of their delivery, Europol warned.

"Genuine vaccines for COVID-19 are valuable and their supply chains (storage, transport and delivery) will run the risk of being targeted by criminals seeking to obtain these drugs. products", Said the experts.

According to Europol, these vaccines circulating on the dark web (even if they are genuine) could put on risk the public health, as criminals may have them store in ways that could harm the product.

The senior researcher security of Domain Tools, Chad Anderson, encouraged the public to show patience and to waiting for the official vaccines for COVID-19.

"There is no guarantee that what you buy from a Dark Web purchase is what you will receive", He added. "Dark Web shopping is now multiplying and allowing sellers to deceive people. As always, we encourage them users not to buy items from these markets and not to support them financially", concluded.

Source: Infosecurity Magazine

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