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Photos of an original Apple Macintosh Classic have been released

The Macintosh Classic of Apple was released in 1990 and was an affordable option for anyone who wanted one computer at home. And now, after 30 whole years, photos of such a model that is still functional have been released.

Macintosh Classic

Maybe this is a real news or a fake, after all it is not the first time that a fake news for some device.

However, if it is true, it is definitely a very awesome idea. In a tweet shared by @DongleBookPro there are four pictures of the machine, showing it from different angles and angles. In addition, the computer is surrounded by a transparent case that offers a very good picture of the interior of this early Apple machine.

You can clearly see the colorful old Apple logo on the front, along with a sign that bears the stamp “Made in Singapore“. The back, in addition to displaying plenty of chonky I / O ports, features a large, orange sticker.

"This unit complies with DHHS standards for performance standards at the date of manufacture," the sticker states. "This unit is intended for development purposes only. Not for sale on United States of America. "

All in all, all the images give a clear sense of how Apple put the various parts into a compact case, which includes both a CRT screen and computer hardware components.

The Macintosh Classic was released as an affordable home option users, with less than $ 1.000. Today it would cost around $ 2.000, so it probably would not be considered very economical, but for its time it was the first to be sold for less than $ 1000.

It included a full standalone desktop computer and a screen featuring a Motorola 68000 8 MHz CPU, an impressive 1MB RAM (expandable to 4MB) and a 9-inch monochrome display. The machine also included a 1,44-inch floppy disk drive, but not built-in hard drive. It's faster than the Macintosh Plus, which it replaced, but not much.

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