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How To Receive Android Notifications On Windows 10 Computer?

Android notifications

Many people use a computer many hours a day to do their job. At the same time, however, they have their minds on notifications on Android phone their. If you belong to this category of people, you will probably be glad to know how you can "merge" the two platforms to receive Android notifications on your computer (Windows 10).

To do this, you must use the official application of Microsoft products called "your Phone“. It is installed on your computer (with Windows 10) by default. However, you must first make sure that certain conditions are met:

  • You have installed the Windows 10 update 2018 or later.
  • Your Android device is running Android 7.0 or later.

Next, you need to set it application Your Phone. Essentially, the application connects your Android phone and Windows PC. Once the initial setup is complete, you can proceed with the synchronization of notifications. First, you need to enter the application permission to view Android notifications.

To do this, open the Your Phone application on your computer, click the "Notifications" tab, and then click "Open phone settings".

Android notifications

Click "Open" in the notification that appears on Android device to synchronize notification settings.

Android notifications

The settings will be opened "Access in notifications ”. Find “Your Phone Companion” in the list and make sure the option to enable access in notifications.


Your Phone Companion app can now sync Android notifications to your Windows PC.

Notifications are actually "synchronized" between devices. This means that each time you click the "X" to delete an alert from computer is also deducted from device Android.


An important thing to do is to customize what notifications you will see on your computer and how they will be displayed. To do this, click on “Adjustment" on the Notifications tab.

You will see the following options at the top of the "Notifications" settings:

  • Appearance in the "Your Phone" application: Enables the notification synchronization and keeps it enabled.
  • "Show notification banners": Notifications will appear in pop-up windows in the corner of the screen.
  • "Appearance on the taskbar": When your Phone is open on the taskbar, you will see an alert signal.

However, you must have notification banners enabled in Windows to use this feature.

Then you have the opportunity to decide which Android notifications will appear on Windows. Click "Show All" and turn off what you do not want to see. These alerts will still appear in device Android.

With the above simple procedure you can receive notifications Android on your Windows computer.

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