HomesecurityHow Stolen Credit Cards Are Sold On The Dark Web

How Stolen Credit Cards Are Sold On The Dark Web

With more and more credit card theft cases happening every day, it makes sense to wonder where these cards. We know most of them are sold on the Dark Web, but how do you do that?

Dark Web

The data Your credit card can be stolen in two ways. After a data breach, such as the incident in Capital One which affected 106 million customers and with the so-called e-skimming, where hackers enter code JavaScript on site payment processing pages in order to steal credit cards and account data from customers.

During the festive season, cybercriminals turn to electronic skimming, according to Fox Greg Foss, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist VMware Carbon Black.

"Magecart is one of the most prominent criminal groups behind this activity," Foss said.

Recently, Magecart forged legal payment claims using homoglyph attacks. Create a website "g00gle.comInstead of, which tricks victims into visiting it malicious website, Mr. Foss explained.

Cybercriminals then sell the stolen credit cards, which cost an average of $ 10 to $ 20 on the Dark Web. PayPal accounts cost from $ 2 to $ 10 per account, with more money accounts costing even more.

Stolen credit card information is usually offered in the form of a shopping cart, where the "buyer" can check which credit cards he wants to buy based on a menu of available credentials.

These credentials often include Social Security numbers and date of birth. "While there are other services that specialize in collecting and reselling data, many forums also provide this information in conjunction with credit cards," Foss said.

In 2019, the Criminals have sold more than 30 million credit card files on the Dark Web, linked to data breach at U.S. gas stations.

This violation, caused by a attack that endangered POS devices, was not detected for nine months. It affected 860 stores, 600 of which were also gas stations.

Another ominous trend in credit card theft is ransomware. The perpetrators in these cases will try to secure the ransom payment, since they have already stolen data and have it for sale, according to Mr. Foss. "We have seen these methods used in the final stages of an attack as a means of covering up criminal elements and maximizing profitability."

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