HomesecurityEmbraer: Data leaked by the aircraft manufacturer on the darknet

Embraer: Data leaked by the aircraft manufacturer on the darknet

The Brazilian company "Embraer", which is considered the third largest aircraft manufacturer after Boeing and Airbus, fell victim ransomware attack last month. The hackers located behind that attack leaked some of the private archives of the company as revenge because the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer refused to negotiate with the attackers for ransom. Instead, the ransomware attack victim chose to restore their affected systems from backups. Embraer files were shared on a data leak site on darknet, which is managed by his gang RansomExx ransomware, also known as Defray777.

between the data leaked to the underground data leak site includes information about company employees, business contracts, flight simulation photos and source code.

Embraer: Data leaked by the aircraft manufacturer on the darknet

The data leak confirms that the hackers managed to steal data from them servers the company's. Embraer issued a bulletin last week, in which it confirmed that it had suffered infringement security. However, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer did not confirm that the incident was not about ransomware and data theft.

According to ZDNet, the company said that the hackers acquired access in a single environment and that the incident temporarily affected only some of its operations and operations.

Embraer: Data leaked by the aircraft manufacturer on the darknet

At the moment, Embraer has not commented further on the attack, following the news of its leak on darknet over the weekend. In addition, the RansomExx ransomware gang is one of the many ransomware gangs that manage and operate data leak sites.

Ransomware gangs use data leak sites to blackmail their victims so that they are forced to pay the required ransom. During the negotiations with the hackers, if the victims refuse to pay a ransom or if they do not even show up to negotiate, the intruders leak the stolen data on the internet as revenge. In this way, the stolen data of the victim companies is accessible to competitors. Finally, it is worth noting that companies that fall victim to such attacks face regulatory sanctions in their countries.


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