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How to recover your lost Snapchat Streaks?

Perhaps one of its most interesting features Snapchat are the Streaks. But sometimes we find ourselves in the awkward position of losing some of the Streaks we have created with our friends. However, there is a way to restore them.


First let's see what is a Streak on Snapchat?

A Snapchat Streak starts when you and a friend send snaps (snapshots) directly to each other and continue to do so for more than three consecutive days. After that, a fire symbol appears next to the person's name, along with the number of days you continue to exchange snaps.

Snapchat rewards users with specials emoji when they exceed certain milestones, such as the mountain emoji or the number 100 emoji.

Snapchat Streaks Rules

The Snapstreak count continues as you and your friend send snaps to each other within 24 hours. This means that you are downloading one photography / video and sent it directly to the other person.

  • But Snapstreak does not include the following:
  • Chat or send stickers
  • Pictures / videos taken from memories or from the camera
  • Content sent via Spectacles

An important emoji to look out for is that of the hourglass next to a person's name. This means that Snapchat Streak with him is about to end. In this case, send a snap or ask that person to send you a snap.

How to recover lost Snapchat Streaks?

Although Snapchat reminds you when a Snapstreak is about to break, sometimes you just can't do anything about it. And once broken, the usual process is to start a streak from scratch.

But if the lost Snapstreak meant a lot to you, there is a way to get it back. You can begin the Snapstreak recovery process by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Snapchat support page.
  • Click on Contact Us.
  • Select “My Snapstreaks have disappeared" in unit "How can we help?".
  • Fill in the Snapstreak questionnaire.
  • Click on SEND.

In the questionnaire, try to be as precise as possible, from entering the exact username to filling in the exact Snapstreak number. It's okay if you put an approximate value in case you do not remember, but it should not be far from the original number.

To the question “What information do we need to know", You can explain the reason behind the loss of your Snapstreak. Of course, you can say something like the internet connection failed or the application did not work. The point here is to make Snapchat believe that this is a real case. However, Snapchat will likely reject more than two requests to restore Snapstreaks.


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