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Hackers hit the "cold chain" of COVID-19 vaccine delivery!

Unknown hackers carried out cyber attack in the "cold chain" of supply required for the transport and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, according to a new IBM report. The report describes in detail an upgraded methodical enterprise, which is probably instigated by a specific state. This report follows a series of research reports on cyber security, which show that state governments are hiring hackers to breach networks laboratories and organizations working on the development of vaccines for the virus.

By attacking the "cold chain" of COVID-19 vaccine supplies, hackers appear to have attempted to alter or extract information about how COVID-19 vaccines are stored at cold temperatures during transport from factories in hospitals and private clinics.

Hackers hit the "cold chain" of COVID-19 vaccine delivery!
Vaccines for COVID-19

According to a report by IBM 's Information Security Task Force, cybercriminals targeted "cold chain" organizations, assisted by PPPs called "Vaccine Alliance" (GAVI), Which is responsible for immunizing poorer countries.

It is worth noting that the maintenance of vaccines at extremely low temperatures is a basic condition for their operation. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to be approved for mass distribution have certain limitations. For example, the vaccine of the former should be kept at temperatures below 70-80 οC, while the vaccine of the latter at least at -20 oC.

Hackers hit the "cold chain" of COVID-19 vaccine delivery!
Hackers hit the 'cold chain' of COVID-19 vaccine transport

The hackers sent Phishing emails allegedly coming from executives of Haier Medical, a Chinese provider of extremely low temperature refrigerators. The emails contained an attachment file HTML that required the recipient to enter their username and password. In this way, the hackers sought to obtain access in the victim network. These emails were sent to him targeting mainly employees of specific companies of the "cold chain".

Although the researchers did not have enough information to determine with certainty who is behind this campaign, are convinced that this is the work of state non-independent hackers.

Hackers hit the "cold chain" of COVID-19 vaccine delivery!
"Cold chain" of COVID-19 vaccine transport

Countries alleged to be the main suspects in the malicious campaign are China, Iran, North Korea and Russia.

IBM urges international organizations, states and companies to maximize their cybersecurity, as this is a prerequisite for the smooth running of the supply chain. Finally, the FBI is aware of the incident and will take all necessary measures, while the "Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) assured that it has strict security protocols to repel such attacks, which will continue to optimize.

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