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How to protect yourself from camera harassment?

A malicious agent, could easily tamper with your laptop camera by gaining access to system your. There are several ways to accomplish such violations and users they need to know how to avoid them.


Remote Access Trojans

According to his latest report IMC Group, The trojan remote access are commonly used for criminal purposes. These tools allow an attacker to trick a system computer or laptop, to gain administrator privileges.

This technique is used when a person is accustomed to visiting pirated websites.


The Meterpreter is one of the best hacking tools for hacking into the victim's laptop camera. Although there are no reports on how this works tool, it is good to protect your computer from this kind attacks.

Social Engineering

This tool is also used to trick a person's laptop. This technique requires one hacker to trick a person into believing that their device has been compromised. When he is deceived, he asks him to contact a number provided in the message he sends him. Hackers pose as representatives of Microsoft or another company and trick users into installing malware.

How to protect the camera from tampering?

Now that you know how one intruder can easily access your laptop camera, here are some tips on how to protect it.

First, you need to check the security options of your device. This will allow you to understand how the security settings work. Once you are properly informed, you can easily customize them to suit your needs.

Never forget to update the software and firmware of your laptop. Always remember that updates come with bug fixes or other security glitches. The most important thing all you have to do is create a strong and unique password. Always use a password that no one else knows.

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