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Strategic cooperation of NSS (Value Added Distributor) with Datto

Η NSS, International Value-Added Distributor (VAD) of high-tech IT solutions announced its cooperation with Datto, a world leader in the provision of cloud-based software and specialized technology solutions aimed at MSPs (Managed Service Providers). This strategic distribution agreement brings Datto business class technologies to small and medium - sized enterprises in South East Europe.

Strategic cooperation of NSS (Value Added Distributor) with Datto
Strategic cooperation of NSS (Value Added Distributor) with Datto

Datto, founded in 2007 in the USA. is a global leader in the areas of Business Management, Disaster Recovery (Disaster Recovery), Business Continuity (Unified Continuity) and Networking Solutions. The presence of Datto technologies in South East Europe will enable IT solution providers and resellers to continue to grow and meet the IT needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. With this agreement, Datto cloud-based software and technology solutions will be available to MSPs from NSS. Datto solutions are also designed to blend in perfectly with the most common tools, software and applications used by MSPs on the market today.

Strategic cooperation of NSS (Value Added Distributor) with Datto

"Datto is expanding in Europe and we have a great opportunity to bring the high-performance technology tools and know-how we have to companies in Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria," said James Vyvyan, Datto EMEA Vice President of Sales . "We have selected NSS, a reliable partner for our market transition, and look forward to working together to provide IT solutions through MSPs in today's increasingly complex IT environment," added James Vyvyan.

“As a leader in software based on cloud and technology solutions created specifically for managed service providers (MSPs), we are excited that Datto 's excellent solutions are being added to our portfolio of products, ”said George Kapaniris, Executive Director of NSS. "We look forward to helping MSPs protect their customers and grow their businesses."

NSS will distribute Datto solutions in the markets of Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria. Offering the complete and unique set of Datto cloud-based technology solutions, NSS is expanding its portfolio to meet the growing IT and security requirements of businesses in the age of digital transformation.

Learn more on the NSS website by clicking OVER HERE

Strategic cooperation of NSS (Value Added Distributor) with Datto
NSS (Value Added Distributor) strategic partnership with Datto

About NSS:

NSS is an international distributor of high-tech IT solutions, covering technology areas such as information security, the optimization of network infrastructure, communications and infrastructure systems. NSS has entered into strategic partnerships with leading suppliers that offer cutting-edge technologies and place the company ahead of the competition in today's market. The products offered by NSS are available through a selected reseller channel in Greece, Cyprus, Malta, the Balkans and the Adriatic countries.


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