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Salesforce: Buy Slack for $ 27,7 Billion!

The leading company software Salesforce, which recently surpassed $ 20 billion in annual revenue, goes deeper into acquiring Slack, to a megadeal of $ 27,7 billion. Rumors of a deal between the two companies surfaced last week, leading to a rise in Slack's share price. Specifically, this agreement is worth 24 times higher than the estimated revenue of the company for 2021.

Salesforce co-founder and CEO Marc Benioff said Salesforce and Slack will shape the future of corporate software and transform the way everyone works in the digital workplace.

Salesforce: Buy Slack for $ 27,7 Billion!
Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff

In addition, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said that as software plays an increasingly important role in performance each organization, the company shares a vision for reduced complexity, increased power and flexibility, and ultimately a greater degree of alignment and organizational flexibility. He did not even hide his enthusiasm for the megadeal.

The company had lost about 2020% of its value since the beginning of 40. Before its deal with Salesforce was leaked, it was only worth a few dollars per share more than the instant listing price. The current valuation of Slack, according to Yahoo and Google Finance, in excess of $ 25 billion, which means that the acquisition had a positive effect on the company's stock. Slack has risen about 48% since the announcement of the deal with Salesforce.

Salesforce: Buy Slack for $ 27,7 Billion!
Salesforce: Buy Slack for $ 27.7 Billion!

Acquiring Slack, one service with over 130.000 paid customers, Salesforce strengthens its corporate application portfolio while expanding into new areas development. Salesforce also thinks it can with this redemption to help Slack move to the next stage of its own revenue growth, as from the $ 1 billion phase, it enters the $ 2 billion phase, a particularly "critical" moment, according to the company. With this acquisition, Salesforce acquires a very strong "weapon" in its competition with Microsoft products.

Salesforce: Buy Slack for $ 27,7 Billion!
CEOs of Microsoft, Slack and Salesforce

Today's deal comes after Salesforce bought it Quip in 2016 at a price of $ 750 million. It is worth noting that Salesforce in 2016 showed interest in Twitter, the same year that Microsoft showed interest in Slack, but eventually withdrew from the deal because the shareholders did not want to deal with the controversial side of the social platform.

Slack was founded in 2013, however by an online multiplayer game company called "Glitch" founded in 2009. While the game was ultimately a failure, the startup company developed an internal system messaging in the process of creating this company which later evolved into Slack.

It is worth noting that Slack has always faced competition from various technology giants such as Microsoft, CiscoThe FacebookThe Google, Asana and Monday.com.

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