HomesecurityHuntsville City Schools: Interruption due to ransomware attack

Huntsville City Schools: Interruption due to ransomware attack

Ransomware gang attacked the school complex Huntsville City Schools (HCS) in Alabama, forcing it to close schools for the rest of the week or maybe next.

Huntsville City Schools

Huntsville City Schools is the sixth largest school district in Alabama, with nearly 24.000 students, 2.300 employees and thirty-seven schools. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes are held both in school and online.

On November 30, as soon as the students returned from the Thanksgiving holiday, they were unable to attend their classes due to a on-line attack which caused problems in systems.

To prevent ransomware from spreading to Appliances given to students and staff, HCS asked everyone to turn them off and not open them until there is a new update.

"Students, families and school staff should turn off the devices they have been given and ensure that the devices remain out of order until there is a new update. In addition, those interested should avoid entering HCS platforms both at school and at homeSaid Huntsville City Schools in one message to parents.

A little later, the school complex confirmed that the system crashes were due to an ransomware attack and so he had to close the schools for the rest of the week or for the next.


Families have been informed that it must be a lot careful and suspicious with emails they may receive from Huntsville City Schools (especially if they request student data and other sensitive data), as it may be Phishing messages from the hackers who carried out the ransomware attack.

"Families will not receive any messages asking for the student's name or personal information. HCS urges parents to be extremely careful when sharing personally data with anyone. Avoid opening emails and do not click on links from unknown senders", Warned Huntsville City Schools.

In the last year, more and more ransomware gangs they steal data before the systems are encrypted of the victim. For this reason, some parents expressed concern about whether their children's information had been violated.

"There should be complete transparency about this process and we need to know exactly what information was compromised on your servers and how it was done", Said a parent in a post on Facebook.

At this time, we do not know which ransomware gang is behind the attack.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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