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How to keep your Apple account secure

The Apple account or otherwise Apple ID, is essential to every user as it allows access to various Appliances and services of Apple. However, when there are so many devices connected to one account, how can you be sure that it will remain safe from them? Criminals of cyberspace?


Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation safety of your accounts

Update Apple 2FA information

Two-factor authentication is your account's first line of defense against fraudsters. You need to access a phone number or a specific device each time you want to connect. THE Apple requires you to enable 2FA when creating your account, but be sure to update its information.

Log in to your account and click on «Processing»Under the heading«Safety». Make sure the «reliable phone numberIs the one you have access to right now. You also need to make sure that your email address is the one you can log in to. In the heading "Account", Click on"Processing”And make sure one of the email addresses“CONTACT USIs the current one.

Do not share your account with third parties

You should avoid sharing your Apple accounts, even if someone you trust asks for it. You can not be sure that another person will be as careful with your account as you are. Also, if you received the request to share from a friend via message, you should be careful. Your friend's account may have been compromised intruder trying to access your account.

Use a new, strong password

Your account password must be strong and unique. If you reuse a password from an old account, you are endangering your current account. The safest thing you can do is use one password generator. These are free services that create unique, strong passwords and often include customization options based on the account for which the new password is intended. If you have difficulty remembering many unique passwords, you can use a password manager.

Manage your devices

Apple lets you track devices that have access to your account. If you notice that devices you do not recognize are connected, remove them. You should then immediately change your 2FA password and information. Under the heading "Appliances", Click on any device you do not recognize and select"Remove from account».

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