HomesecurityTop four vulnerabilities in today's cars

Top four vulnerabilities in today's cars

Cars nowadays, have a lot technologically inside. Even before you put it forward car he actively communicates with himself, his manufacturer, his key, your phone and many other digital points in a coordinated effort to make your life easier and safe.


Unfortunately, there are also those who use these car contact points as a field of action for their malicious activity. By taking advantage of these points, they can access them in person data, open and steal your vehicle or even interfere with its functions while driving, risk your life.

The 4 main vulnerabilities exploited by hackers

Key-fob signal theft

With this technique, whatever is inside your locked car or even the car itself, can be stolen without having to be tampered with. Using an improvised antenna, they can steal the signal from the car fob, which is usually located just behind the owner's door, and send it to an associate with a receiver standing next to the car. It may sound simple but it is definitely effective.

Invasion of the corporate server

If your car has a built-in applications who communicate with its manufacturer (which probably happens if it is a model of the last decade), the hackers may be able to access information or even functional controls by invading the company's servers. According to a study by Upstream, breaches on corporate servers account for 26,42 percent of all car cyber attacks.

Mobile applications

Applications such as MyCar, could be breached by a capable hacker and activate, breach, detect or trigger a car alarm. This is why it is important to be careful about which applications you choose to connect to your vehicle.

OBDII or operation of an entertainment system

They do not require special skills to seriously affect the internal functions of a vehicle if they have access to the door OBDII of. By connecting a device to the vehicle's Can-bus, or accessing its entertainment system wirelessly, a malicious user can control functions such as the brakes, steering wheel or gearbox, even when the vehicle is in motion.

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