HomesecurityUSA: First in the world in data breaches

USA: First in the world in data breaches

According to a report Uswitch, The USA rank first in data breaches in the world, surpassing it China, The India and United Kingdom.

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In the last seven years, the United States of America has experienced about 6 billion data breaches.

The US has been hit harder than any other country in the world by violations and leaks with four times as many cases as second on the list, which is South Korea. Uswitch price comparison service, released one report, which characterizes the US as the capital of data theft.

"Hosting a huge population and being an industrial hub of companies based on technology, states are hotspots for crime in cyberspace", The report states. "Despite the many proposals for improvement during the Obama administration, cybersecurity in the states is not as strong as it could be, leaving them open to more data breaches."

Two other countries, particularly densely populated and with great technological development, China and India, are not in the top 10 or even in the top 20 with a high number of data breaches. China prioritizes data security laws, but India's laws are more relaxed.

Ο Canada is in third place with 91.830.959 cases since 2013, or 243.311 per 100.000 people. The United Kingdom was in fourth place with 206.433 cases per 100.000, while Australia was in fifth place with 197.423 cases per 100.000 inhabitants. Other top-ranked countries on the list include South Africa, Malaysia, Serbia and Russia.

What information do hackers target?

The most popular types of stolen data are email addresses (2,8%), passwords (2,3%), username (1,6%), IP addresses (1,3%), names ( 1,1%)), dates of birth (0,7%), telephone numbers (0,6%), physical addresses (0,5%), gender (0,4%) and online activity ( 0,4%).

To protect your personal as much as possible data, you can use a virtual private network (VPN), invest in anti-virus software, choose strong passwords, update it regularly software use two-factor authentication where possible and take into account the security of your smart devices.

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