HomesecurityVermont: Hospitals still recovering from Ryuk ransomware attack

Vermont: Hospitals still recovering from Ryuk ransomware attack

Vermont hospitals have been recovering since October when they were attacked by Ryuk ransomware, slowly restoring services them on Internet. The Ryuk ransomware attack affected services to varying degrees in all seven hospitals in the Vermont Health Network.

At the moment attack, only the care of the patients of the Medical Center was affected UVM, while some surgeries were postponed and rescheduled to other dates. However, most hospitals were hit by interruptions in systems IT, facing various problems such as the unavailability of EPIC medical records, the “MyChart” patient portal, the e-mail and call centers.

Vermont: Hospitals still recovering from Ryuk ransomware attack

Late last week, the Vermont Health Network released an update on the ransomware attack, noting that affected services were being restored. However, the patients they may notice temporary changes in the way their information is displayed.

Specifically, the official announcement of the incident security mentioned the following: "Some information will be displayed as scanned documents in the section "My documents" for visits that took place while the electronic health file was out of order. Upcoming appointments, the messages and some test results may take a little longer to appear on MyChart. "For urgent matters, patients should call their provider's office."

Vermont: Hospitals still recovering from Ryuk ransomware attack

In addition, billing statements and payment processing are still delayed in all network hospitals. UVM Medical Center is still most affected by the attack, so there is no time frame for a full recovery of its IT systems.

The Network University of Vermont Health γεται is on the long list of healthcare providers attacked by the gang of Ryuk ransomware in October. The victims also include Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, Sky Lakes Medical Center in Oregon and St. Louis. Lawrence Health System in New York.

According to Bleeping Computer, the FBIThe CISA and the HHS (Ministry of Health and Human Services) issued a joint advisory to the health sector following the attacks, warning it of impending ransomware attacks.

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