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The US military is investigating "telepathic" communication technology

The U.S. Army Research Bureau is funding a new study on how brain signals could be analyzed and decoded to create a channel of silent communication for soldiers.

As reported by C4isrnet, the research project - supported by the U.S. Army Research Bureau - is led by researchers at the University of Southern California, along with colleagues in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Duke University, and several universities. United Kingdom.


In total, the U.S. military is providing $ 6,25 million in funding - funding will last five years - for moonshot research, in which algorithms and advanced mathematics provide the basis for the separation of brain signals that “affect the action or behavior from the signals that do not do it ", the publication states.

By separating these types of brain signals and discarding signals that are considered irrelevant, this could be the first step to successfully decoding action-based signals and intentions, interpreting them in a way that people will be able to understand - using interface systems of the brain.

Hamid Krim, program director of the Army Research Office, told C4isrnet that the Appliances based on this technology may be able to provide on-site feedback to groups so that they can take "corrective action". Stress and fatigue signals could alert leaders when soldiers need rest. Also these devices could provide a channel for silent Communication via a server while the soldiers are on the battlefield.

So far, experiments have been performed with monkeys to learn how to distinguish action-based signals from other information. However, a military interface system suitable for military purposes is "decades away" but important steps are certainly being taken to research, says Krim.

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