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Word: How to add the same text to multiple documents with one link

Microsoft Word makes it easy to add the same text to multiple documents. This is especially convenient for specially formatted text, the type of text that often breaks when pasted into a new document. When you want to change the same details in many documents, try to do it through a link.


Open a new Microsoft Word document and enter the text that will paste in many others documents. In this example, we will use one address and paste it at the bottom of a new document, keeping it intact the formatting.

Save the file to create a link. You can save it to any path, but keep in mind that if move the file containing the text, you must update the link. To do this, right-click on the body of the Word document and click "Update Link".


Highlight the text you want to add in a new document and copy the. You can right-click and select "Copy" or just use CTRL + C on your keyboard. On a Mac, press Command + C.

Install it cursor in the new document where you want the "linked text" to be transferred.


From the Home tab, click the "Paste" drop-down arrow and, at Continuity, “Special Paste”.

In the pop-up menu, click "Paste Link" and then select "Formatted Text (RTF)" from the choices. Click "OK" to paste the text.


Now, if you need to update the address or add a new number phone, for example, you can only change the text in the original document. Once completed information will be automatically updated and everything else archives.

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