HomesecurityBlack Friday: Cybercriminals are monitoring your shopping

Black Friday: Cybercriminals are monitoring your shopping

Due to the conditions that have arisen from his pandemic COVID-19, online shopping will be particularly high on Black Friday and Cyber ​​monday. But it will not be just the customers who will be browsing platforms but also many cybercriminals who will try to take advantage of the occasion.

Black Friday

The amount of money that will be spent on Internet the next five days will definitely be huge. THE Adobe estimates $ 6 billion for Thanksgiving, $ 10 billion for Black Friday, and about $ 13 billion for Cyber ​​Monday. Cybercriminals will of course not be absent from these platforms.

"In fact, smaller retailers are just as vulnerable. "In some cases, they are even more vulnerable," he said Craig Hinkley, Chief Executive Officer Whitehat security.

This is because they may not have the resources to fight the invasion. Silicon Valley WhiteHat Security reports that organized crime groups and government agencies hackers steal credit card numbers and exploit gaps they discover in safety.

For greater protection, the consumers are asked to use strong passwords, not give out their credit card numbers or store them on a website as part of a customer profile, and be alert for suspicious messages that may contain links. They could also appear as text messages on mobile phone.

Black Friday

Another security company at cyberspace of Silicon Valley, the Vectra AI, believes that foreign agents will take advantage of the delayed transition to the White House and other possible distractions.

"I am one hundred percent sure that there is a lot gaps which can be exploited if one really wants to focus, which simply means that any transition that is happening right now just needs to be accelerated, ”said Vector AI Hitesh Sheth.

The only sure thing is that the hackers will track both the users and the websites where they shop.


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