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Home security US fertility: Ransomware attack on the largest fertility network in the USA!

US fertility: Ransomware attack on the largest fertility network in the USA!

US Fertility, their largest fertility network USA, announced that some of its systems were encrypted in a ransomware attack that took place on the company in September. The US Fertility network includes 55 locations in 10 states who completed almost 25.000 IVF cycles in 2018 through its clinics and more than 80 doctors.

In total, more than 130.000 babies were born with the help of fertilization practices IVF on the USF network. The USF said in an official statement that on September 14 it encountered an IT security incident in which its systems were infected by malware. He added that through immediate investigation and response, it was found that data included in various servers and workstations that were connected to domain were encrypted by ransomware.

According to BleepingComputer, US Fertility hired external security experts shortly after discovering the attack, and also shut down affected servers and workstations. The USF was able to bring them back with the help of experts and reconnect them to the network on September 20.

The network of fertility centers has also informed law enforcement authorities about the ransomware attack and continues to work with them throughout the investigation into the incident.

In addition, the USF noted in a notice about violation that the forensic investigation confirms that hacker stole a small number of files after gaining unauthorized access to systems of the network, between 12 August and 14 September 2020, when the ransomware was executed.

After a review of all the files in which it was done access During the attack that ended on November 13, the USF found that archives stolen by the unknown ransomware group contained various types of information about each person affected, including names, addresses, dates of birth, MPI numbers and social security numbers.

The USF has set up a dedicated call center, accessible through a toll-free helpline at 855-914-4699, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 9:00 p.m. EST.


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