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Russia: Will it ban social media sites that censor Russian news agencies?

Russia plans to introduce a new bill that would ban foreign social media sites in the country. This comes after censorship of Russian news agencies operating abroad. Sites like FacebookThe Twitter and YouTube refer to the explanatory notes accompanying the new draft bill, which was submitted last week for discussion in the Russian Duma.

Lawmakers in Russia said that since April, state authorities had received complaints by editors of Russian news sites, whose accounts social media on the aforementioned sites were censored. In particular, Russian lawmakers pointed out that media outlets such as Russia Today, RIA Novosti and Crimea 24 were censored. In all, about 20 acts of censorship were recorded. The censorship acts mentioned in the bill notes refer to rules that were introduced on Twitter and Facebook this year and on YouTube in 2018.

Russia: Will it ban social media sites that censor Russian news agencies?

Specifically, these three social media sites display special tags on Profile of news agencies related to Russia and have reduced their visibility on their sites, removing their content from the proposal algorithms.

Russian lawmakers have called the rules "unreasonable restrictions" that "discriminate against material and content from the Russian media ", while describing them as"violations of the fundamental human rights and freedoms of Russian citizens. "

Russia: Will it ban social media sites that censor Russian news agencies?

The new bill is expected to give the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and the Foreign Ministry the power to ban sites that impose these restrictions on Russian news sites.

According to ZDNet, as soon as a decision is made, the Russian telecommunications observer, Roskomnadzor, will be called upon to impose the ban through the national "sites blacklist" LinkedIn which has been banned in Russia since 2016.

Russia has also announced the start of new proceedings against it Google, as the technology giant does not censor up to 30% of "dangerous" content from search results displayed to Russian citizens.


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