HomesecurityRitzau: The news agency refuses to pay ransomware gang

Ritzau: The news agency refuses to pay ransomware gang

Ritzau news agency

The RitzauThe largest independent news agency in Denmark founded in 1866 by Erik Ritzau, announced that does not intend to pay the ransom demanded by a ransomware gang following an attack targeting his network on Tuesday morning.

"The hackers attacked Ritzau early Tuesday morning, and so the news agency had problems for more than a day", Said in a statement the news agency. The ransomware attack caused some of the systems to shut down.

"The news agency, which provides news to almost all major Danish media outlets, cannot broadcast news in the normal way. Instead, an emergency system is used where the news is transmitted to the country's media in a different way.".

The amount of money requested by hackers

The CEO of Ritzau, Lars Vesterløkke, stated that the agency will not pay the ransom requested by hackers.

The name of the gang targeted by the Danish news agency has not been revealed but Vesterløkke said that η attack was "very professional".

"Ritzau news agency underwent extensive hacking attack on Tuesday, after which hackers demanded ransom for decrypting the data" said ο Vesterløkke. "Ritzau refused to pay them hackers".


The attackers left a ransom note to the encrypted computers of Ritzau, but the agency did not follow the instructions of the criminals.

"They left a file with a message with more details, but we chose not to open it after guidance from our advisors", Added Vesterløkke.

Today, there will probably be a full recovery

During the attack, ransomware gang managed to hack and encrypt about a quarter of Ritzau's network servers.

The Ritzau IT department is working to restore all the computers and restore them to Internet.

The news agency also cooperates with the advisors of its insurance company and has hired external experts security, dealing with the analysis and response to these attacks.

Ritzau believes that today there will be a full recovery of systems of.

"With the technical problems created we can not broadcast news as usual through the news service. "We expect to be operational by Thursday at the latest", Said the agency yesterday.

Source: Bleeping Computer


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