HomesecurityPeatix user data has been leaked

Peatix user data has been leaked

One of the most popular event management applications, Peatix, fell victim attack, with one hacker leak the data of more than 4,2 million registered users this month platform her.


The site's user data was made available through ads posted through stories Instagram, Telegram channels and various hacking forums.

As ZDNet found out, the leaked information included full names, usernames, e-mail and fragmented passwords.

Most of them data of the leaked users belonged to people with Asian names, which is consistent with the headquarters of Peatix, which first started in Japan in 2011 and later expanded to Singapore in 2013, before also moving to USA and in other parts of the world.

ZDNet informed Peatix of a possible infringement earlier this month, however the company made no statement. Nevertheless, Peatix admitted its violation this week in a message posted on its website.

The company said it had investigated the reports, located the entry point and prevented intruders from returning to its systems.

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Peatix assured them users that no financial data is involved in the incident, as all payments were made through third party platforms and nothing was stored in its database.

"Furthermore, based on our research so far, we have no reason to believe that there was data in which users participated, any data obtained through the operation of the questionnaire or the addresses of users or telephone numbers," the company said.

ZDNet also contacted him hacker who shared Peatix data online on one of the many hacking forums. He stated that he was not one of the people who violated the company, but that he only leaked the data. Peatix is ​​currently notifying all affected users via email and asking them to change their account passwords.


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