HomesecurityFBI: Attention! Fake versions of our sites are circulating

FBI: Attention! Fake versions of our sites are circulating

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns the public about appearance of fake sites which are very similar to the official site of the Office (, but also other sites, and try to deceive people.

The warning concerns dozens of sites that could be used to target people who are looking for information on FBI news or activities.

"The FBI noticed that some Criminals have registered domain names that legally counterfeit FBI sites, indicating the possibility of a future hacking campaign", The FBI reported on announcementή of Monday.

Fake sites can be used on attacks aimed at theft credentials or disseminating misinformation to the public.

Experts emphasize that everyone should carefully consider the sites they visit and the messages they receive in their personal and corporate emailsto make sure they relate to the real FBI.

The hackers can use fake domains and accounts e-mail for:

  • dissemination of false information
  • collection of usernames and passwords
  • collection of personal information
  • malware installation
  • further breaches with possible financial losses

The FBI did not provide further details about them hackers or the country behind the fake sites. However, he has given dozens of examples of domains that have been recently registered and could be used to deceive people.

"Cybercriminals create spoofed domains with slightly different characteristics of legitimate domains", Said the FBI.

"A spoofed domain may include a different one spelling or use one alternative top-level domain, such as a “[.] Com” version of a legal one website "[.] Gov". People may accidentally enter some of these fake sites looking for information about the FBI mission, services or news. In addition, criminals can use seemingly legitimate email accounts to entice the public to click on malicious files or links", Concluded the FBI.

Source: ZDNet

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