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Home security Black Friday: Consumers will risk their data for discounts!

Black Friday: Consumers will risk their data for discounts!

According to her new survey Kaspersky, 84% of consumers are willing to share their personal information with retailers in order to save money on their Christmas shopping. Specifically, the survey states that as Black Friday approaches, most consumers are willing to send data such as addresses e-mail and phone numbers to take advantage of the opportunities and discounts presented to them at Internet.

Therefore, fraudsters may take advantage of consumers' "carelessness" as well as take advantage of their need to save money, having been hit hard by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. COVID-19.

Black Friday: Consumers risk their data for discounts!

It is noteworthy that only 25% of consumers surveyed said they knew that scams are more common during Christmas and other shopping periods, stressing that they will not risk sharing data to take advantage of a discount.

In addition, only 17% shop only at major brands to avoid security risks, while 33% of respondents said they are not willing to use a site that may be illegal. Also, 29% of respondents said they knew that unknown brands that offer significant discounts could pose significant security risks.

Black Friday: Consumers risk their data for discounts!

David Emm, a security researcher at Kaspersky, noted that online Shopping is a tempting and easy way for consumers to spend their money. He added that emails with opportunities and offers are sent to people's inbox and with just a few clicks the products can reach their homes without having to move. However, this can lead to many risks. At times like Black Friday, scammers lurk while constantly evolving the methods they use to lure unsuspectingly victims. Therefore, consumers are advised to be careful and think carefully about what data they provide on the internet.

Finally, the National Center Cyber-security (NCSC) of United Kingdom issued instructions for online shopping ahead of the upcoming Black Friday, taking into account the increased number of online transactions markets before Christmas.


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